Yesterday I made a mix of black beans, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and corn for dinner. I even got talked into taking my vitamins! The meal was delicious, I’m sorry I didn’t take a pic, but am sure that it will make another appeariance soon.
This morning I started the day with some zucchini bread:

…but then the post and pic got eaten by my phone. I can always retype a post, but you only get a pic of the empty ziploc bag. 🙂

I have to say, I am excited for this blog! I will be posting everything from my phone, so please forgive my spelling errors and low picture quality, I have and use a much nicer camera, but hate having to then load the pics onto my computer for use. I also hate posts without pics, so I end up never posting! With this blog I am making some changes to my method, both with blogging and weightloss, and hoping for great results!