Zuchini bread and a lean ham and egg breakfast wrap, rice milk latte and a 52 minute run! My split time is still way slower than I would like, but a month ago I couldn’t even run a mile straight -I am celebrating my endurance!

Lunch was the other half of last night’s stuffed squash, still no pic because that was not pretty! Lol… It was tasty though! 🙂
Cheerios and some hot tameles for snacks. I kind of regret eating the candy because I really didn’t get any pleasure out of it, I was just snacking because I am super busy (stressed) at work right now. I even had the feeling of wanting to go for a run to work through the stress, but had to work through lunch. I got a lot done, but am really looking forward to tomorrow’s gym time.

It was D’s night to make dinner, which I have to tell you makes Thursdays one of my favorite evenings – it is like having a date night every week! This week was steak salad (with leftovers for lunch tomorrow – yum!), salad greens, cucumber, carrots, green onion, tomato (the last of the tomatoes from my Grandmother -sad to see them go!), half a boiled egg, an ounce or two of thinly sliced steak topped with homemade balsamic vinegrette. He is a great cook! 🙂