I missed the majority of my food today, after taking the weekend off (from pics -we spent the weekend running errands and mostly just snacking, no exciting meals to report) I found myself out of the habbit today.
Yesterday was a massive weights workout with D at our gym, so I had a tough time at the gym this morning, my lags were sore! I ate my banana bread and biked 7 miles, loosening up while reading Commited by Elizabeth Gilbert (loving it by the way).
I had my standard rice milk latte and geared up for the work day with a ham wrap and some pumpkins which may have wandered over to my desk begging to be eaten.
Lunch was salad topped with black beans and a honey crisp apple topped with chocolate almond butter:

Dinner was salmon atop salad, and some rice milk ice cream.

My goal for tomorrow:
Healthy eats, no wandering pumpkins! 🙂
I am trying to remind myself what my priorities are, what I want to accomplish is going to take some determination, I need to focus on those goals and come up with an alternative way to deal with stress.