Last weekend was all about pumpkins and celebrating my birthday month! 🙂
Saturday we admired carved pumpkins and shared sushi with friends, and Sunday visited a pumpkin patch – I really loved this last weekend! 🙂
This morning I found that chilly fall had snuck into my bedroom. It was really difficult to leave my warm and snuggly bed for the gym, but I made it! I am still pretty sore from Saturday’s weight training, but managed a 15 minute run and 40 minutes on the eliptical.
I had a ham wrap and rice latte for breakfast. For lunch I brought a salad topped with two boiled eggs, tomatoes, and balsamic. I also had a mug of green tea:

That apple was later paired with some organic chocolate cookies!

I was crazy busy at work today, but I have to say I didn’t really even notice because I was on cloud nine! After an amazing weekend (including dinner out with friends!) I found myself at 194.0 this morning! I have been fluctuating between 195 and 205 ALL year long, it was really nice to see that number this morning!
Maybe D’s plan of incorporating more weight training is working, or maybe my body is finally getting back to normal – I’ll take it either way!!! 🙂

Dinner was red curry chicken. We found this red curry paste this weekend, and it is AMAZING! It may become my new favorite thing to cook, it tastes just like Thai take out. Yum!