No gym and a 6am shift – though a tough day, today brought an end to a VERY long work week!

Breakfast sandwich with egg, sausage and cheese.

Rice latte and raspberry scone.

Tea which was tasty, and I do think it helped prevent some stress snacking.

Tasty lunch packed from last night’s dinner leftovers: sweet potato, veggies and a spicy chicken thigh.
After lunch there was a birthday celebration – I had a cucake, but I later felt slightly sick, I’m not sure if it was an ingrediant that I may have been allergic to, or if it was just too sweet.
I made a fish taco for dinner – the fish was melt in your mouth amazing, but I was really tired this evening, and the rest of the taco lacked imagination.

I was feeling pretty good about my choices today, until I had to post those pics! I want to do better, to be healthier, to not feel the need to be eating ALL the time, and I really want to lose some weight!