I made it to the gym this morning, but was feeling distracted… Just off. Boys were following too closely, I was tired and my form was poor. I warmed up on the treadmill, did about 20 minutes with free weights and assisted bar, followed by about 10 minutes of rowing at 40 pounds.
Not a fantastic workout, but better than leaving my lazy butt in bed! 🙂
I had some oats with raisins for breakfast, my rice milk latte, and amonds for a snack.
Lunch was a chicken salad topped with pears and a little balsamic and olive oil.

I had some homemade applesauce for a snack, and some cheerios with raisins and semi-sweet chips when I got home (I waited until D got home to make dinner).

Dinner was tossed in the cast iron pan and roasted on high for about 25/30 minutes – this is one of my favorite ways to make dinner in cool weather – I had chicken, a chopped up sweet potato, and some brussel sprouts which I had chopped in half to roast.
Just sprinkle with your favorite seasonings, add about a tablespoon of butter (or olive oil) roast, and dinner is done! Yum!