My friends would all tell you that I am one of the healthiest eaters they know, I eat oatmeal for breakfast, pack my lunches, apples and carrots for snacks, and rarely eat out.  I work out 5+ days a week, and all of this was working.  It was!  At my heaviest (when allowing myself to drown my sorrows in cake) I weighted 274.  In two years I lost 80 pounds, and wore a smaller size jean than I did in high school.  Everyone said I looked great, I was so healthy, the transformation was amazing!  But I knew I still had work to do, I had another 40 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight, I wanted to see myself healthy and skinny!

Per my doctor’s recommendation in December of 2009 I made what I now classify as the worst decision regarding my health I have ever made.  I chose a birth control method that was supposed to be easy and carefree, but this year I have learned the hard way, if something seems too good to be true – it is.   I have learned the importance of doing my own research, that I have an amazing boyfriend at the core of my support network, and that finding yourself suddenly allergic to EVERYTHING is terrifying.  Being healthy is not something I take for granted any longer, and I am now more determined than ever to lose those last 40 pounds to reach my goal weight!