Long day :)

28 minutes running and a 20 minute arm and ab workout, followed by some protien enriched baked apples and oats:

I ate an energy bar at lunch, and my salad for a late snack:

I made baked pumpkin stuffed with lean turkey, tomatoes and black beans for dinner – spiced up it was tasty!
It was a long day, I’m off to bed so I can tackle Wednesday! (Why isn’t it Friday yet?)
🙂 Night night!


A loss!

Last weekend was all about pumpkins and celebrating my birthday month! 🙂
Saturday we admired carved pumpkins and shared sushi with friends, and Sunday visited a pumpkin patch – I really loved this last weekend! 🙂
This morning I found that chilly fall had snuck into my bedroom. It was really difficult to leave my warm and snuggly bed for the gym, but I made it! I am still pretty sore from Saturday’s weight training, but managed a 15 minute run and 40 minutes on the eliptical.
I had a ham wrap and rice latte for breakfast. For lunch I brought a salad topped with two boiled eggs, tomatoes, and balsamic. I also had a mug of green tea:

That apple was later paired with some organic chocolate cookies!

I was crazy busy at work today, but I have to say I didn’t really even notice because I was on cloud nine! After an amazing weekend (including dinner out with friends!) I found myself at 194.0 this morning! I have been fluctuating between 195 and 205 ALL year long, it was really nice to see that number this morning!
Maybe D’s plan of incorporating more weight training is working, or maybe my body is finally getting back to normal – I’ll take it either way!!! 🙂

Dinner was red curry chicken. We found this red curry paste this weekend, and it is AMAZING! It may become my new favorite thing to cook, it tastes just like Thai take out. Yum!


I hit the bikes this morning for an hour ride and some quite time with my book!
Breakfast was a sausage and potato (leftover from dinner last night) wrap and my morning latte:

I topped my lunchtime salad with black beans and had some rice cakes for a snack:

….and had scrambled eggs for dinner. A breakfast and AB&J themed day. 🙂

Exciting news though! D and I just booked a trip to Portland for a Thanksgiving break! I am so excited for vacation! We have a great time traveling and exploring together!

2 days in one post

Yesterday started with a rough run, but I made some great food choices and picked up some vitamins (which taste like desert so I actually take them!) so I was feeling pretty proud of myself! I’ve had a mild headache for a few days, and have just been feeling run down, so I’m trying to take care of myself. Vitamins, extra sleep, and today I gave myself a rest day away from the gym. It felt strange getting ready for work at home this morning!
Today I had a homemade rice latte, toast and lean chicken sausage for breakfast.
A chocolate chip scone during a mid morning meeting (I NEEDED some chocolate! Lol….) and a ham and lettuce wrap and banana for lunch.
I snacked on some spicy pistachios and had a steak salad with side of roasted potatoes for dinner.

Hope you had a tasty day!

New shoes, new determination

Great food day! I had banana bread pre-workout, and oats post. I am trying D’s suggestion to incorporate more weight training into my workout routines, so today I ran just 15minutes, and then spent 45 working on arms and abs.
My plan:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – Run 30-45 minutes and ab work.
Tuesday, Thursday, and if D and I go on the weekend – Run just 15 minutes as a warm up, and then work arms and legs (little or no ab work).

I found a tasty juice today:

Tasty, low in sugar, organic ingrediants, and only 100 calories for the bottle! I’ve decided that I am a fan of the Honest Ade cranberry lemonade, I try to avoid juice and soda (I would really rather eat my calories!), but sometimes I really crave lemonade – weird, right? 🙂

I actually broke away from my desk to run some errands surfing lunch – I needed some healthy snack options!

My snack drawer now contains:
Spicy nuts, oatmeal, green tea (tropical and chai), gum, vitamins, cheerios, larabars, and for when I have to have a sweet treat organic candies and graham crackers. Way easier to battle office Halloween candy with tasty snack options!
I was feeling frumpy today, so during lunch I also picked up two new pairs of work shoes! I’m excited, what girl doesn’t love new shoes? 🙂
Back to work, lunch was salmon salad:

And later some of those graham crackers. I made pumpkin fake fried rice for dinner, but you will of course see that tomorrow for lunch leftovers.

Have a great night, I am off to bed for some early sleeps!


I missed the majority of my food today, after taking the weekend off (from pics -we spent the weekend running errands and mostly just snacking, no exciting meals to report) I found myself out of the habbit today.
Yesterday was a massive weights workout with D at our gym, so I had a tough time at the gym this morning, my lags were sore! I ate my banana bread and biked 7 miles, loosening up while reading Commited by Elizabeth Gilbert (loving it by the way).
I had my standard rice milk latte and geared up for the work day with a ham wrap and some pumpkins which may have wandered over to my desk begging to be eaten.
Lunch was salad topped with black beans and a honey crisp apple topped with chocolate almond butter:

Dinner was salmon atop salad, and some rice milk ice cream.

My goal for tomorrow:
Healthy eats, no wandering pumpkins! 🙂
I am trying to remind myself what my priorities are, what I want to accomplish is going to take some determination, I need to focus on those goals and come up with an alternative way to deal with stress.

Ready for a weekend!

Banana bread breakfast:

Followed by a 30 minute run, 10 minutes rowing, and a 20 minute arm/ab workout with weights.

I worked through lunch (and wished I was running instead) again today, but on the upside finished my big project! Wooo hoo!
Time to relax and enjoy the weekend, hopefully it will include some fun birthday month activities! 🙂